What is a MicroLaserPeel?

This is a laser peel that precisely removes the top layer of damaged skin cells to improve skin texture, tone, and luminosity.

How does the MicroLaserPeel work?

This procedure uses a laser wavelength to remove the top layer of skin which improves sun damaged skin and irregular pigment. During the healing process new, healthy cells re-grow, generally improving the overall skin appearance. Your laser specialist may recommend the MicroLaserPeel™ alone or in combination with other procedures.

What areas can be treated?

The most popular areas are the face, neck, chest, and hands.

What will happen during the procedure?

Your eyes will be protected with safety goggles and the laser gently removes the outer layer of skin cells. This treatment may take a few minutes to half an hour or more, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Is this treatment uncomfortable?

Very light treatments are often tolerated without any anesthetic. Deeper treatments may require a topical anesthetic.

What should I expect after treatment?

Slight swelling of the treated area may occur that will subside in a few hours to a day. It is important that you avoid sun exposure.

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