West Michigan Woman teamed up with Dr. Jeanne Eyde, D.O., board-certified ENT, Facial Plastic Surgeon practicing Aesthetic Medicine at Grand Pearl Spa, a division of Plastic Surgery Associates, and Medical & Wellness Director at Urban You – Beauty Bar, to bring you a vlog series about health, beauty, and wellness.



West Michigan Woman’s fourth episode—featuring Mitch Shooks, personal trainer, nutrition coach and owner of Grand Rapids Institute of Performance (GRIP)—examines a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, creating healthy daily habits, and more.

Think you’re not “fit enough” to go to the gym? Think again!


To learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of the board certified plastic surgeons, please call Plastic Surgery Associates at 616.451.4500.



Written by Jennifer A. Pascua, Digital Content Strategy Manager for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in West Michigan Woman.

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