Q&A with Skincare Specialist DeAnna!

Q: What is your best skin care tip?

A: You are never too young or too late to start a good skincare routine.

Q: What treatment or procedure could you not live without?

A: VI Peel or Microneedling – watching the skin shed off brings me joy!

Q: What is your favorite treatment to give a patient?

A: Hair Removal! – Oh the joy of getting people out of “hairy” situations!

Q: What is your morning skin care regimen like?

A: I have a “Grand Pearl” morning with my products from the line –  Antioxidant Cleansing Pads, Antioxidant Mist, Hylauronic Acid +, Brightening Vitamin C, and SPF 50.

Q: What is your evening skin care regimen?

A: A potpourri or things – Brightening Facial Wash or Purifying Cleanser, Antioxidant Mist, TURO Skin Regenerating Night Cream and Metacell.


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