What is Medlite Laser Skin Renewal?

Medlite is a cosmetic laser treatment used to soften the appearance of brown blemishes and marks for a more evenly toned, smoother skin appearance. It also stimulates collagen production, restoring volume and creating a youthful glow. It works by delivering light energy in a series of pulses that shatter the dark pigment in the skin on your face, chest, hands, arms, safely removing sunspots with minimal risk of damage to the surrounding skin.

The Medlite laser can target the following skin concerns:

  • Irregular brown pigmentation.
  • Melasma (blotchy, brownish pigmentation on the face, usually appearing on the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, and upper lip).
  • Freckles.
  • Sun damage.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Scars.

Medlite Laser Skin Renewal Candidates

Men and women who wish to reduce the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles, scars, and sun damage can benefit from this treatment. It is also safe to use on all skin types and colors. If you are interested in learning more about this treatment option and if it is right for you, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

The Medlite Laser Skin Renewal Treatment

We ask that patients come to their Medlite treatment without makeup. You will then be asked to wear protective eye goggles, and the laser settings will be adjusted for your individual skin tone. Anesthesia is not necessary, as the treatment is very tolerable. The laser will then be moved across the treatment area and may feel similar to a tingling sensation. A MedLite session lasts 15- 45 minutes, depending on how many areas are being treated.

What to Expect Following Medlite Laser Skin Renewal

Following your Medlite laser procedure, the treated area may appear pale or white, and become red or swollen for the rest of the day. The skin may also begin to crust or blister over the next few days but should resolve within a week. Patients will be able to see improvement over the next 6-12 months as collagen develops. Some areas of pigmentation may require a series of treatments to obtain the desired outcome. Our team will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your skin post-treatment for the best results.

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If you are bothered by hyperpigmentation or brown spots and are looking for an effective solution, Medlite laser can help. Please contact Grand Pearl Spa today to schedule your consultation appointment to get started.

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