What is BBL Hero by Sciton?

BBL Hero is an advanced form of intense pulsed light technology, a premier option for treating pigmentation and uneven skin tone manufactured by Sciton. Using Broadband Light and High Energy Rapid Output, BBL Hero is the most advanced technology available for achieving clearer, brighter skin anywhere on the face and body. It targets special pigmented cells with carefully calculated laser energy, damaging the cells and causing them to fade from the skin’s surface. This process is incredibly quick, easy, and effective.

BBL Hero can treat:

  • Acne
  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots
  • Vascular lesions
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Texture
  • Scars
  • Age spots
  • And more

BBL Hero by Sciton Candidates

BBL Hero can benefit adults who want to achieve smoother, brighter, more radiant skin. It can be used almost anywhere on the face and body for unparalleled customization. However, patients with darker skin tones may need to explore alternatives. Our team will help you learn more about BBL Hero and whether it’s the right option for you during a consultation.

The BBL Hero by Sciton Treatment

BBL Hero doesn’t require a topical anesthetic – most patients report only a gentle warming sensation. Once you’re comfortable and protected with eye shields, the laser handpiece will be passed over your treatment area, where it emits quick flashes of light. These flashes of light target pigmentation in your treatment area, damaging the cells. In total, this process can take only a few minutes. Afterward, you can return home.

What to Expect Following BBL Hero by Sciton

After treatment, it’s normal to experience a sensation similar to sunburn, with sensitivity and redness. However, there’s no downtime required after BBL Hero – in fact, you can return to your daily activities right away. We recommend avoiding sun exposure and wearing sunscreen daily in order to protect your results. Over the next few weeks, the treated areas will begin to fade, and you’ll be left with brighter, more radiant skin. Most patients benefit from a series of treatments to fully address concerns, and our team will help you put together a treatment package that works best for you and your goals.

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During a consultation with our team, you’ll discuss your medical history and cosmetic goals to determine how a personalized treatment plan can benefit you. BBL Hero is one of our most recommended options for achieving clearer, brighter skin. Contact Grand Pearl Spa today to learn more about how we can help you look your best.

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