Q&A with Skincare Specialist Melissa!


Q: What is your best skin care tip?

A: Have a regimen. Cleanse both morning and evening with professional products geared toward your skin type. Use a Clarisonic brush: the cleaner the skin, the better product penetration.

Q: What treatment or procedure could you not live without?

A: I love the Hydrafacial which provides instant glow and benefits and can be done monthly. I also have to say Microneedling, love it!

Q: What is your favorite treatment to give a patient?

A: I can’t decide, I love the process of working with each client and figuring out which treatment is best for them and their skin type – so my favorite varies, and the excitement and satisfaction comes afterwards when we’ve achieved our goals toward vibrant and healthy skin.

Q: What is your morning skin care regimen like?

A: I cleanse with my Clarisonic, put on Vitamin C Serum, dab some AOX Eye Gel layered with the Grand Pearl Eye Serum or A.G.E. Eye, moisturize with Triple Lipid 2:4:2. Last is an SPF and makeup.

Q: What is your evening skin care regimen?

A: I cleanse again with my Clarisonic brush, dab on eye cream, a little retinol and moisture. If i’m feeling a little congested I’ll spot treat with Blemish and Age defense.


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