Skin Analysis

There is no universal, one size fits all skin care regimen that will leave everybody with glowing, beautiful skin. Our SkinCeuticals Skin Scope skin analysis takes only a moment, but can offer invaluable advice based on your specific skin care needs that will leave your skin clear and your face glowing. 

The SkinCeuticals Skin Scope is a medical based tool developed for the diagnosis of skin types and conditions. This wavelength allows safe ultraviolet light to penetrate the epidermis and manifest different colors on the client’s skin to reveal visible and underlying skin imperfections including accumulated sun damage (lentigines), oily skin and congested pores, dehydrated and thinner skin areas, uneven texture, and poor desquamation.

Wellness & Sexual Health

Wellness & Sexual Health treatments are performed in a private, comfortable setting at Grand Pearl Spa by Wellness & Sexual Health Specialist, Andrea Wolfe, MD, FACOG.

Dr. Wolfe specializes in wellness and sexual health and uses non-invasive modalities to help manage women’s most intimate challenges. She helps her patients use multiple therapies in tandem to achieve the highest level of satisfaction in these areas of life. Dr. Andrea Wolfe believes in spending personalized time with her patients in order to collectively find a treatment plan for these common issues.

Skin Care Products

Grand Pearl Spa is proud to be the first SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa in the midwest. SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa draws on decades of skincare formulation expertise and medical device experience.

At Grand Pearl Spa, we believe that an integrated skin care plan will provide the most comprehensive, long lasting results. Our Skin Care Specialists will create a personalized plan with clinical procedures, SkinCeuticals professional treatments and SkinCeuticals advanced homecare, in order to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Grand Pearl Spa is also proud to offer our patients the latest, most innovative products from name brands like Latisse, TURO Skin, Clarisonic, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, Baby Foot, and our private label medical grade product line.

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