Skin Analysis

Skin Analysis

Grand Pearl’s skin analysis are performed by highly experienced professionals educated in the process of looking for, finding and determining exactly which treatments, procedures and products will work best to make your skin look and feel beautiful.

Visia Complexion Analysis

The VISIA® Skin Complexion Analysis uses a comprehensive photo evaluation to capture key information about complexion health and appearance; wrinkles, spots, pores, variations in the skin tone, and UV damage; enabling us to present an individualized treatment plan for each unique patient to provide long-term results.

Are You A Candidate? 

No matter your age, VISIA® Skin Complexion Analysis can benefit you! An assessment by one of our Skincare Specialists using the VISIA® Skin Complexion Analysis allows each patient to receive an individualized treatment plan catering to their specific goals and needs. 

The Procedure

VISIA® Skin Complexion Analysis is a pain-free procedure that only takes a few minutes. Using cutting-edge technology, our specialists will use a computerized camera to obtain a clear picture of your skins health. 

Once the procedure is completed, you discuss with your results and your treatment plan with your Skincare Specialist.

As time passes you will continue to receive VISIA® Skin Complexion Analysis’ to track your results, determine if your skin care regime is making progress, and if any new damage has occurred. 

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