INTRAcel™ Radio Frequency Treatment

Naturally replenish collagen for smoother, softer skin.

The INTRAcel™ Radio Frequency Treatment precisely delivers radio frequency (RF) energy to selectable skin depths. The INTRAcel™ uses tiny, insulated micro-needles to precisely deliver radio frequency (RF) energy below the surface of your skin to stimulate the production of collagen.


What can INTRAcel™ treat?

INTRAcel™ RF Treatment can improve the quality of skin or the appearance of:

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Pore Reduction
  • Acne/Acne Scarring
  • Soften Skin Laxity
  • Mild Stretch Marks
  • Other Skin Irregularities

Is INTRAcel™ a laser?

No. Lasers use light to create heat while the INTRAcel™ uses RF energy. This allows INTRAcel™ to treat the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate collagen while protecting the superficial layers, making INTRAcel™ safe and effective for ALL skin types.

This treatment reaches all skin layers from the most superficial to the deeper ones, thus ensuring effective treatments with minimum patient discomfort.

What is the difference between INTRAcel™ and "Microneedling"?

“Microneedling” uses needles to create openings in the skin to allow for penetration of topical formulas or serums. Unlike INTRAcel™, those procedures do not deliver any RF energy.

Is INTRAcel™ new technology?

INTRAcel™ has been used safely and effectively throughout the world since 2009.

Who is a candidate?

INTRAcel™ precisely delivers energy below the surface of the skin, where collagen is while protecting the surface layers. This allows INTRAcel™ to be safe and effective on all skin types and nearly any body area.

To ensure clients are comfortable during the INTRAcel™ RF Treatment, they will be given topical numbing cream before the treatment.
Schedule your complimentary consultation to ensure you are an ideal candidate.

Is there any downtime?

Clients may feel and look like they have a mild sunburn for the first few hours after the treatment. There is a possibility of breakouts after the treatment, especially if the skin is already acne prone.

Swelling is common for the first few days and typically resolves within 24-48 hours. As the skin naturally heals, it will likely become flaky and dry for a few days.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a series of three treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, to achieve the best results. A Skincare Specialist will discuss the optimal number of treatments needed based on the skin condition and goals.

When will I see results?

Improvements are typically noticeable 6-8 weeks after treatment. The number of treatments and result vary depending on skin condition. A Skincare Specialist will advise on what to expect based on skin type and condition.

As collagen builds, results will typically continue to improve for several months.

Can INTRAcel™ Treatment be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

INTRAcel™ RF Treatment can be combined with many other cosmetic treatments like Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments to rejuvenate the skin.

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