Botox was once reserved solely for celebrities. Today, it is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment used by people worldwide. Here at Grand Pearl Spa in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we invite you to experience its benefits first-hand. However, to help determine whether it is appropriate for you, let’s disprove some common myths and provide more accurate facts regarding this popular aesthetic treatment option.

Fact: Botox Does More Than Just Smooth Wrinkles

Botox works by relaxing muscles beneath your skin to eliminate wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming. Regular Botox treatments can keep skin smooth and youthful over time. This saves money by eliminating more extensive procedures later.

Myth: Botox Is Painful

Contrary to popular belief, Botox treatments do not cause significant pain. Tiny needles used for injections usually cause only minimal discomfort, often less so than waxing. At Grand Pearl Spa, we do our utmost to make the procedure as painless as possible. It typically lasts just 10 minutes and topical numbing cream can be applied if any discomfort arises during treatment.

Fact: Botox is a Quick Lunchtime Procedure

One of the primary advantages of Botox is its convenience. Botox procedures are commonly called lunchtime procedures because they can easily fit into your lunch break without requiring downtime afterward. Any minor swelling should subside within a few days, while any rare bruising can be concealed using makeup.

Myth: Botox Causes an Iceberg Effect on Your Face

The iceberg or frozen effect is a common fear that prevents people from getting Botox. At Grand Pearl Spa, our professionally trained practitioners specialize in administering Botox to create natural-looking results with subtle changes that won’t make anyone notice you had a procedure performed. You won’t lose expression altogether, and only you will know you had something done.

Fact: Botox is Effective for All Ages

Many people mistakenly believe that Botox is only for those in their later years. However, Botox is approved for healthy adults aged 18 to 65. This means there’s no ideal time to begin using Botox if dynamic wrinkles bother you. Even the 20s could benefit from this solution to prevent severe wrinkle formation since wrinkles start developing in the mid-late 20s.

Myth: Botox is Toxic

Another misconception surrounding Botox is its perceived toxicity. While it does contain botulinum toxin, when administered in small and purified doses during treatments, it’s safe. Botox has FDA approval for both cosmetic and specified medical purposes.

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