Grand Pearl Spa has a new team member – Skincare Specialist Liz!

Liz comes to us with 20 years of experience within the beauty industry and medical aesthetics field. Read her Q & A below to learn more about our newest Skincare Specialists.


Q: How long have you worked in the aesthetics industry? 

A: I have 16 years of experience within the medical aesthetics field, working in both dermatology and plastic surgery and 20 years in the skincare and beauty industry.

Q: Do you have a particular service or aspect of this industry you love the most? 

A: I love helping patients achieve their skin care goals through personalized and effective plans while providing a welcoming, warm, and empathetic approach.  I love the ever-evolving aspect of the industry and keeping up on new trends in the field. Also, making people feel their best on the inside and out is a major part of why I love my job. I love the why and how behind evidence-based skincare solutions. The science is another favorite part of the industry for me.

Q: Where are you from? Do you have a dream city or state you’d like to live in? 

A: I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Travel is my favorite hobby so there are several places I dream about living in. Iceland for part of the year, the Azores/Portugal, Belize, and Greece are all places I could see myself living. In the US, anywhere in SoCal, Asheville, NC, or the Pacific Northwest would be ok with me too!

Q: How do you like to spend your free time? What kind of hobbies do you have? 

A: In my free time, I enjoy river kayaking, hiking, and exploring trails. Being anywhere on the water is my happy place.  My English Bulldogs Ophie and Big Lil are my constant companions who enjoy adventuring and relaxing with me. I have serious wanderlust and traveling with my husband, Marty is what I look forward to the most. We have been all over the world and I still have a lot to see! Other than traveling and outdoor recreations – I love music. I enjoy attending concerts, collecting vinyl, and curating playlists.

I also like to spend my evenings hunting through skincare message boards, blogs, and reading dermatology and plastics journals.  

Can’t forget about the Grand Rapids food scene, I’m always trying out the new restaurants that pop-up!

Q: Why do your patients and clients come to you? 

A: I suspect my patients come to see me because I’m pretty easy to talk to, no pretentiousness – and they know I know my stuff!

I genuinely care about every person I see and why they are here to see me. Beauty is not just skin deep and comes in many forms, seeing that in my patients and learning from them is what makes my day. Without them, I would not have the experience I do today.  Honesty as well, as I’m not going to recommend something that you don’t need!  Some may also come to see me for restaurant recommendations or a good chat but don’t worry I can be quiet too. 😉


Liz is still getting acquainted with our spa, but will be available for your skincare needs very soon!

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